A group of volunteers between 35 and 50 y.o. applied a Reliance cream with 2% Seacode on face skin above upper lip two times a day for 4 weeks.

Improvement immediately visible.


A group of 60 volunteers with sedentary lifestyles was divided in three different subgroups. Individuals form the first did a standard exercise under the supervision of a personal trainer at the gym, twice a week, and applied a placebo cream twice a day, for 56 days. The second one applied Reducing cream containing 5% ACTIGYM on body twice a day, without any physical activity. The third used Reducing with 5% ACTIGYM twice a day with physical exercise.

After 28 days, abdomen contour diminished by -2.8 cm with Actigym, and up to -3.1 cm when combined with physical activity.

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