Beauty Kit Dry Skin


DRY SKIN: Cream based on Ibiscus Esculentus, Mandelic Acid, Lactobionic Acid, Vitamin E and Glucono Delta Lacton. Action “botulin-like” to counter signs of time. Reduces wrinkles depth and delays cellular ageing. Indicated for mature, dry and dehydrated skin. Nourishing and emollient texture.

Procedure: Apply in the morning and evening on cleansed skin and massage delicately on face and neck until complete absorption.

EYE LIFT: Mix of peptides formulated at maximum concentration, used for 56 days studies, obtained bags reduction by 70% in cases of selected volunteers with chronic issues of bags under the eyes. Showed in self-evaluation: eye contour polishing by 62%; bags reduction by 52% and decongesting effect by 52%. Its action is triple: anti-inflammatory, draining and on capillary permeability. Improves tone and elasticity.

Procedure: massage delicately in the morning and evening, on periocular area, until complete absorption.

50+15 ml




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