Neem oil, an ancient remedy with a thousand benefits.

Extracted from the leaves and the fruits of a plant called “Azadirachta indica”, native from India and Myanmar, its cosmetic and curative use is centuries-old and linked to the traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine. In ancient times, neem oil and also the leaves and twigs of the plant from which it is extracted, were used to prepare a real first aid kid, ready for the use in order to cure every disease.

Easy to find in herbalists and pharmacies, this oil is suitable for external use and it can not be ingested. Present in many of the cosmetic and personal hygiene products on the market, from soaps to bubble bath to moisturizers, neem oil can also be naturally added to the products we commonly use for body care, to improve its effectiveness and customize them in our own way. Who does not love the strong and pungent smell of the oil, can also add scented essential oil drops, such as lavander, citronella, orange.

Neem oil, the natural skin protection.

Neem oil can be applied on skin for both massages and local treatments. It can be used to treat psoriasis, acne and herpes, to improve dry hair condition (or with dandruff or lice), strenghten nails, remove stretch marks and scars or smooth wrinkles. Our Different facial line is formulated with neem oil.