Hibiscus is a kind of plant belonging to the Malvaceae family which includs about 240 species. The name comes from Greek and it was probably assigned by Discorides, who was a well known physician of the antiquity who lived in the I century A.D.

Originally from Asia’s temperate zones, it is diffused today also in Europe, North America and tropical zones. It is really appreciated in Central American countries such as Hawaii, where species coming from China have crossed with the endemic Hawaiian species giving rise to spectacular plants. But we also find great hibiscus crops in Australia, New Zealand.

Its multiple properties have been confirmed by modern research: it acts as an antiseptic, astringent, emollient, anti-wrinkle and tonic.

Very effective in cosmetics, in vitro studies on cellular cultures show that hibiscus oligopeptides have a relaxing mechanical action of wrinkles, inhibiting muscle cells contraction.

They also effectively prevent the oxidative damage and biological skin aging thanks to their strong antioxidant and antiage properties. Our BotoAge line is formulated with this flower.